Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Two courses i may be interested in some later part of my life : TSC and CSP for the recruiting kind of jobs.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

lazy days of cooking more

Finally hubby's course got over and he has a break of a month. That means more of me-time. So i am cooking in the evenings more so, since i get time in the evenings while he takes the kid out to play. :) Love it, no more eating out during lunches or pizza delivery orders for the dinner. I wish things get smoother even after he joins back his studies by Oct again. After so long i made Gajar halwa, and for the first time tried to make Chenna poda which came out delicious. I wish to try out new receipes soon.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

This time to Seattle

After long I got a trip to myself, thanks to F5. My second trip to Seattle, first was for the interview so i came in on Thursday eve stayed overnight, gave my interview on Friday and 3:30 back to airport to SJC. This time i reached here on Sunday night after the camp night out on Sat (july 30) at Gilroy Gardens, and returning back today on Wednesday Aug 3. This all time to myself, had lot of walking in and around downtown, been to pike market place, piers along the coast, space needle, downtown macys shopping. Well had some time to myself, although with the boring 2days office training. I do wish to come here again, but with family. By myself is such a boring experience. I wish to travel with my Akshun and be happy and see him happy walking around. Its been a terrible thing to be not around him.  Miss my baby. I will be home in another few hours and united with Akshun.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Campsite booking links

These links are for my information only.. its not easy to find the link instantly for the things i need. hence pasting here 2links for the camp reservation sites : both tents and cabin..

I am looking for some more, once i bump across them, will update here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My new job

I have joined F5 Networks starting this Monday as Platform Test Engineer, and God! what a different era of technology I am in. I have now nothing much to deal with the protocol/automation. Now its more of CPLDs, FPGAs, firmware upgrade, Hardware test, FAVs, etc. All new mnemonics and whole new world. Yesterday been to Flextronics Facility which had a big factory making devices for F5, Palo Alto Networks, Dells and what not. I was wearing a suit (forgot what its called now) and the anti-static band with static check on my body with the band on. It was different to see how each component on a motherboard or board gets attached automatically, then soldered, then tested, then assembled. Hope I got to go there again to visit and see more.
Overall i am excited and looking forward to surprises now..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Education - The movie

Just watched the movie, an Education and felt delighted. Its never late to study.

Feels good movie.

Nice watch.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Move to new home

Life got busier now. Since I started working, I am surprised I didn't put any words here. Things have changed a bit. Moved to our new house in Fremont area. Loving the house but not yet done with the settling down in the new house.
Did puja on 23rd Sept at 3pm or so. We all 3 were present and did the boiling milk thing for the gruhapravesh with breaking coconut at the enterance and shanti homma.

Moved to the new house on 3rd oct, Sunday and things are busy since then. Carpooling a little longer distances, and then arranging things, finding misplaced stuff, trying to find place where to stuff. trying to organise the house.. purchasing small and big things for big house. List goes on and on.

We went to Durga puja event and Diwali mela recently. Akshun enjoyed the nice typically and good rassogolla at the Durga puja in hayward.

Akshun had his school photograph taken and also went for halloween parade at Yahoo! He was a lion this season. Picked up his pumpkin at school. Enjoyed eating and collecting candies in the neighbourhood.

Wow he is grown big. He is 18months yesterday and saying quite a lot of words. He picks up some word that we are talking and repeats it. He still cannot pronounce "r", "l", "p", "s" properly. Haven't noticed much now. His new favorites are "no", "mama no", "bhai", "boy","sit down", "go", etc etc. He picks up both oriya and english works. "niya", "jauchi","jiba" etc. He favourited "mutuk" to "tutuk".
ha ha.. cant stop writing about him :)

Life is just moving faster - looking forward to the long weekend. Not sure if we will travel anywhere yet.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Now i fall back with my healthy schedule. Reasons can be provided like had interviews/studying/watching movie/simply being busy etc etc, but at the end the main point is - I didnt do it. I can feel the heat of not working out. Can feel a difference when i go and workout vs when i have been doing nothing.
Right now going thru some Perl book to update myself. Alongside what I want to do is update my English. I seriously need to prepare for 1. some certification to add to my resume and 2. prepare for MS here in US. I definitely need to go for higher studies, which i know isnt going to be easy owing to having a family and being always busy. Planning to start working back so don't know when will I have time to think about myself. Sometimes i just feel did I just wasted 15months of my career because I have my lovely son with me now. Or did I use it in a much better way with my baby shielding him and providing mamma's care.
But lets not waste any further time. :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Trying to change my lifestyle for good

Yep, started working out, eating healthy, maintaining good posture, not being lazy, jotting down things to do and see them towards completion, driving, studying  .. and all good things that i should do to get back the hold of my own life. Bought a new nike shoes after wearing off my old Reebok for 2yrs. And started sending my son to day care :) Getting much better time to think about myself now. Akshun is growing up fast and he is able to listen and refer what I am trying to say to him. Life is becoming much better, interesting and busier. Hope to continue with the good deeds for long.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Travel with baby alone

Well i travelled with my 12month old alone and what a charm my son is. He was so happy and better than any other kids on the long 16hr flight. He enjoyed his time and was so quite and helping. He was playing or sleeping or taking rest or watching tv or playing with remote all the time. He is a sweetheart. I travelled so peacefully on both my SFO-Dubai and Dubai-BLR flight. He enjoyed when i was carrying him on baby-bjorn too. He gets so happy when i m standing/walking with him on baby carrier.
We enjoyed our Bangalore trip too. But sorry, couldnt take any snaps outside in bangalore. Been to shoppers stop and Forum mall only. and yes met my old friends shaila, amit, darshan at home. nice bangalore have changed a lot in past 3yrs itself. And Bangalore is expanding in population and the urban space. i just wish Bangalore trees remain the same as it was few years before.

car driving in India

Finally i drove our car in India alone. With US license and no Indian license. It was nice experience as it wasn't at all planned. Driving wasn't tough given that we have an automatic car. But yeah it was raining too. :) All coz its not easy nowadays to find a driver in our area and to get an auto costs same as booking a car with driver with travel agent. I was comfortable driving and I drove all places, busy roads, highway and  small roads, with lots of intersection and pedestrian traffic without signals. Enjoyed my expedition today.